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Diversity Infotech is a synonym of celebrating different perspectives and creating unique tools & services by adopting latest techno means. We primarily deep dive into the development of Android / IOS Applications along with the majority of its forward integration.Products and services both are part of our esteemed portfolio. We believe in a decentralized working environment with a single source of command to achieve predefined objectives. Our work ethics and cultural values have brought us this far. The more we grow, the more we learn and our learnings help us to stay grounded. Technological advancements inspire diversity Infotech to always create and level up things.


Awesome Things
About Diversity Infotech

We are Indian soil based ITpreneur serving globally with unique products and services. Our main focus is on delivering commitments with predefined time frame. We are well-known Executors among our circle who have created some of the pre-eminent Android/IOS Applications.We design and create products in accordance with the need of our subscribers and clients. We make it center point where creativity and cost effectiveness along with finest quality P & S encounter parallelly. Our well qualified team manages class and mass simultaneously to offer premium outcomes. Be its cost effectiveness, maintain top quality or practicing global standards, we do it with all our in-house expertise.

Mission: Connecting different contexts and thoughts with a pinch of creativity to deliver best consequences.

our values

Core Values

We derive from the culture of obeying regulations and follow the path of staying true to our core values. In order to level up profitability, we never choose unethical practices.

Client Market

Our foremost objective is to elevate the experience and boon for our clients. No matter how hard it is, but we always surprise with our standard practices.


Ethical Solutions

We consider the R & W aspect of any process. Our quality assurance team regularly audits the operating procedures. We find quotient by obeying on all procedural guidelines.


Awesome Ideas

With the sparkling, joyous, delightful and out of the box ideas, we create 'Eureka Moments'. It has become part of our DNA to redefine the definition of proposition.


Project Setting

We have regularized our system to create project settings with globally accepted methods and languages. We make it easy to understand our assignment to avoid any hassle.


Source of Funds

To be able to progress continues, we need to invest in the R&D activities. Hence, we source capital, funds and advices from reliable and trustworthy institutions.


Market Analysis

To know and recognize the preferences and stipulation of current potentials, we apply our proven tactics for market research. The separate R&D Department has been set up.

Our Services

We Provide
to Customers

Our wide range of services determines our class. We don’t follow trends, but we create our own set of mechanism. We offer multiple expertise based services which also include products. Our primary objective is to deliver timely, cost effective and value added outcomes for the clients.

App Development

We provide Tiny, Massive, Cute, Sweet, Sober, every kind of Android/IOS Apps that client asks for. Our Inbound creative army can take your vision to the next level.

Web Development

A complete and sophisticated solution. Attractive and warmer designs to convert and attract leads that can enhance visibility cum profitability of business.

Game Development

We develop addictive, attractive, mass appealed games that can run on the highways of smart phones, laptops, pads, TVs, and smart watches.

UI/UX Design

An eye catchy template, Great combinations of colors, user friendly simpler yet superior designs that make your vision capable to impress the market potentials.


In order to cater larger potentials and audiences, SEO is one of the most useful tricks available here. Trust our searching mechanism and cover the mass part of target customers.

Digital Marketing

Let's make your visibility in the high tide of digital ocean. Tell your customers and subscribers about your presence with skyrocketing platinum strategies. Buy it and try it.


Important Features
for Us

Our main goal is to deliver quality and work with the help of creative services that help in growing your business.


We have our own way of pull out specific information from large bundles of data. Our experts extract the meaning details out of those stratas. And run some of the statistical tools to study the patterns of the same to find customer preference and demand.


Be it Android, Apple or sometimes Ubuntu, we help to design gigantic web, apps and games. We never argue with our clients, but we brainstorm with them. And we create notes of those discussions to understand their needs. We do it with the best possible creativity.


Knowing coding languages alone would not help to develop finest quality applications and web. It’s all about balancing the codes and creativity to offer eminent products. Our enthusiastic tech teams develop the products with a perfect blend of codes, assets and trend.


Best laid out marketing strategies result in profitability. We frame distinguished ‘Art Of War’ to make apps and games salable. We apply different types of online visibility process, including Influencer, Email, affiliate, PPC forms of Marketing.

Our Vision, Your Future.


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Meet the team

Founders of Diversity Infotech


Jignesh Akbari


Milan Savaliya


Bhavin Vadodariya


Priyank Ajudiya


Vimal Gajera


Few words
from our valuable clients

We are certainly eager to know reviews from clients. Their valuable words matter a lot to us. We have almost 100% track record of delivering projects timely. Since it’s inception only, Diversity Infotech caters globally. Our clients are from various part of the world. We share professional cum friendly bond with them.
Yum Tintay, Japan based Game Professional

What I like the most about diversity is, they deliver you what exactly been told. They have raised their own bar. I have seen them growing from scratches.

John Mathew, Latin American Entrepreneur

Initially, I was hesitant to work with diversity infotech, but today it's been long that I can't imagine somebody else when it comes to design aspect of Android App.

Dim Parker, DP-Solutions, France

Diversity is a professional firm with best SEOs researchers. Our association with them has become quite personal now. So happy to see them growing.

Murtaza Swaun, Afco Software, KSA

I must say these people are hardworking and client friendly. What a team!

Seren Marry, US based Tech Professional

No excuses, no tantrum, timely delivery of each projects. I have been associated with them as a client since my very first project. Highly Recommended.

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Diversity is a home to Creative Souls, Come and Join US

Diversity Infotech is an amalgamation of diverse people. Our family members are from different backgrounds. We follow Neutral Hiring and Rewarding Policies. We don’t hire a person as an employee, but we welcome him/her as one of the family members. Once you join us, you become proud ‘DI-Family Member’. There are tasks, fun, trainings, trips and lots of outings available for a ‘DI-Family Member’. If you are passionate about new technology, design and trend, then Diversity Infotech is looking to hear from you. Please apply for vacant positions here.

Good Infrastructure

Flexible Working Hours

Friendly Skilled Team

Festive Celebrations

Paid Leave

Career Growth

Employee Training

Picnic in A year

Website Development

Qualification: Graduate
Experience: 0 – 4 Years
Skills: PHP, HTML, CSS, JS

Android Developer

Qualification: Graduate
Experience: 0 – 4 Years
Skills: Java, Kotlin, Android Studio

Game Developer

Qualification: Graduate
Experience: 0 – 4 Years
Skills: Unity, Java

UI/UX Designer

Qualification: Graduate
Experience: 0 – 4 Years
Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, Figma


Qualification: Graduate
Experience: 0 – 4 Years
Skills: SEO, ASO

Digital Marketing

Qualification: Graduate
Experience: 0 – 4 Years
Skills: ASO, SEO, Digital Marketing

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